Fredlink Website Designs

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve designed and built many websites for clients and we get asked many questions about the service we provide and also some of the more technical aspects that go on behind the scenes.

  To help you with your own decision making we’ve prepared a list of frequently asked questions below.

General Questions

1. What is a website?

2. What us a “domain Name”?

3. What is web hosting?

4. What is responsive design?

5 How does “domain name” email works?

6 What is e-commerce?

Electronic commerce (E-Commerce or eCommerce) is the trading (buy or sale) products or services using the Internet. Any commercial transactions conducted electronically on the Internet.

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FAQ from new costumers

1. Can I get a trial account prior to purchase?

Sorry, we do not offer trial accounts due to the extensive work and time that it takes to design a website. However, we do have a 30 (thirty) days money back guarantee if not satisfied with first design.

2. Do your plans include a domain name and web hosting?

3. Can I transfer my own domain name to Fredlink?

4. Do you meet with clients?

5. How can I order a website?

Compare our plans by visiting our web plans page. Determine which one is the best for you and contact us by email to request a website order form.

6. Do I have to use my domain name emails?

No. Even though you will have the option to create emails using your own Domain Name (e.g., you don’t have to, you can continue using the one you already have.

7. What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Paypal; all other payments with credit cards are processed through PayPal.

8. What does Fredlink needs from me to create my website?

A – First compare our plans by visiting our web plans page. Determine which one is the best for you.
 B – Contact us to request a free “proposal website”.
 C – Soon after we will send you a form, you will need to submit back to us with the basic information about you, your shop, your group, organization, business, etc., so we can create a sample website.
 D – If you like the proposed sample website, you (the client) will make a deposit of $100 to start the project. E – You (the client) are responsible to supply us (Fredlink) the information (all media, text and pictures) you need in the site, then will build the website with that content.
 F – During the website construction (about 30 days) you will have four (4) opportunities to make revisions or modifications to the website. – IMPORTANT – All requests for changes or revisions to the website (website) must be in writing (e-mail), including the final approval of your website.
 H –  After completion and your acceptance of the website you will need to pay the remainder amount of your plan. I. We (Fredlink) will upload your website to the internet.

9. Do you provide images or video?

Usually images are supplied by our clients. If needed, we can supply our customers with some royalty free images only during the website construction at no charge.

10. When will you start working with my website?

As soon as we receive your website order and first payment of $100 your project should be started.

11. How many images can have on a website?

1 – The website of $365 per year (PRESENCE 1) includes up to four (4) pages and up to four (4) images per page.
 2 –  The website of $499 per year (PRESENCE 2) includes up to ten (10) pages and up to four (4) images per page.
 3 –  The website of $799 per year (PRESENCE PRO) includes fifteen (15) pages and up to four (4) images per page.
 NOTE : In any plan (website) you can add pages, images or media (video or music), e-commerce on request at any time, these aggregations are subject to “update” charges.

12. When can I see my initial or “under constrcutuon” website?

After we receive your payment, it will take about 2-6 business days to start building an initial or “under constrcutuon” website which by request you can view online (Internet) and make the changes or revisions.

13. How long does it take to complete the website?

It depends on the plan you choose and the day you made the first payment, for example the $ 365 per year plan will take approximately 30 days to complete.
 NOTE – During the construction time of the website you will have up to four (4) opportunities to request changes or modifications (revisions) to the website.
 IMPORTANT – All requests for changes or revisions to the website (website) must be in writing (e-mail), including the final approval of your website.

14. What is a revision?

Revisions are changes or modifications made to a website requested by the client during development time (constriction) of the site. NOTE – After completion and the client acceptance of the website or if the website is already online; any changes or revisions to the site will be considered as an update.

15. What is an update?

An update is any change or revision made after the website has been finalized and approved by the client and is already online (live). NOTE: Our plan, “PRESENCE 2” include up to two (2) free updates each month. (Check Rates Plan)

16. How much is an update?

A website update is $ 20 dollars each. An update may include up to one thousand (1000) words, up to four (4) images (including video), such updates to a website can be requested at any time of the month.

17. Can I edit my own website after it is completed?

Yes, if you know how to work with WordPress CMS. All our website design plans include the WordPress CMS (Content Management System) or as it is also called, the WordPress Platform.

18. Can I ask for my website to be designed exactly as another?

We cannot design a website that looks very alike to another due to copyrights.

19. Will my site be optimized for search engines?

Yes, we apply standard practices of search engine optimization (SEO) to all websites we create, so they can be easily found by search engines.

20. Will my website be compatible with all web browsers?

Yes, the main browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, MS Edge, etc.) will work with the site.

21. How long my site would take to appear in search engines?

From two (2) to three (3) months after going live.

22. Will my website be easy to view in al devices?

 Yes, our websites are ”responsive’ in most devices (PC, smart phones, tablets, etc.) screen size, platform and orientation.

23- Who will own the finished website?

All rights of the finished website belong to our client. We maintain the right to display all websites on our web portfolio and other pages.

24. If I am not satisfied with your website design can I ask for a refund?

All our plans come with a thirty (30) days full refund guarantee if cancelled within the 30 days from your order. Plans cancelled after thirty (30) days are not eligible for refunds and will be terminated by the system at the end of the paid period.

25. If I am in a different country how can I pay for my website design?

All of our payments including overseas transactions are processed through PayPal.

26. Can you still provide me with your services if I don’t live in the United States?

Yes, all our plans can be ordered trought our website and paid with Paypal.

27. Will my plan (website) auto-renew when the year is over?

No, if you want to renew or continue with your plan (your website) you will need send us a renewal request and pay the same amount of your plan for another year.

28. Can I change my website plan?

Yes, but if you increase your plan you will have to pay for the difference. There is no fee if you downgrade as long as no changes or updates are made to the website.

29. Can I cancel or delete my website plan from the Internet?

 Yes, you can cancel or delete your website at any time.

30. Will I have any support from you after my website goes live?

Yes, you will have email and telephone support from us during business hours. Our business hours are Monday through Friday 9 am to 6 pm, California (Pacific Standard Time).

31. Should my website be secured?

 If you use your website for the transfer of non-sensitive information probably not, BUT if you do business (take credit cards) online or transfer sensitive (personal or financial) information; you definitely need SSL Certificate in your website.

32. What is an SSL Certificate?

A SSL (Certificate (Secure Sockets Layer) is an application that is installed on the web server where all the files of a website are stored.
 The SSL application activates the “padlock” in an “http” address therefore making it “https” allowing secure connections by encrypting data from a web server to an Internet browser.
 NOTE – Typically, SSL is used to secure credit card transactions, personal data transfer and logins.
SSL is an industry standard and is used by millions of websites in the protection of their online transactions with their customers.

33. What the difference between HTTP and HTTPS?

HTTP or HyperText Transfer Protocol is an application protocol for computers browsers (PCs, smart phones, tablets, etc.) that let a visitor view and share information from a website back and forth to an Internet server. HTTPS or HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure, is the same HTTP but through a secured connection. Communications through an HTTPS server are encrypted by a secure certificate known as an SSL. The encryption prevents third-parties from eavesdropping on communications to and from the server. HTTPS is excellent for websites where visitors share information that needs to be confidential whether is personal or financial.

34. Is a SSL Certificate necessary?

 If you’re taking credit card payments directly on your website, you definitely need SSL in place to encrypt your customers’ credit card information. Also, you do need a SSL Certificate if you keep a database (information) of customers or members in your server (where your website is stored).

35. Is a SSL Certificate necessary if I use Paypal in my website?

No, if you use PayPal exclusively to accept payments, you don’t need SSL since customers aren’t paying you directly.