Reasons A Business Must
Have an Online Presence

Stop being invisible to the world!

12 Reasons your Business
Needs a Website

1. Your customers expect it

Because the public expects every business to have its website.


2. Instant Credibility

A Website Builds Your Business Credibility and Legitimacy

3. Your Name In Google

Your business name will appear in Google search results.

4. Reach The World

With a website you can reach many more clients.


5. Open 24/7

You can offer your products and services 24 hours a day.

6. It's Your Office

Your website will be your office for your clients and the world.

7. Customer Support

Will allow you to receive messages from customers and the public.

8. Most Effective Advertising

It is the most effective and cheap advertising option today.

9. It'll Boost Sales

Thousands of people and potential Clients Are Online.

10. It's Easy And Cheap

A Website will be The Center of Your Marketing

11. Showcase Your Products

Describe or Display what you offer in detail with beautiful images

12. Social Media Connected

Your Website Can Provide Social Media Support

Online Consumers
are Changing
Buying Methods

Start creating more opportunities for your Business

Fredlink Web Designs

Fredlink Web Designs was founded in 1998 with the belief that a great looking and affordable website should be a reality for any sized business, organization, church, etc., without sacrificing quality or money.

We understand the importance of a website as a vital part of your services, business or a representation of your endeavor; you can count on us to provide you with a great website and a superior finished product.

Whether your business only needs a website to have a simple presence online to give you authenticity and credibility with the public or whether you want to sell services or products; we have the plan for you.


For questions or if you need
an estimate, write to us

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